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There has been a slight change in the way reservations need to be handled for the SW4 Awards Banquet dinner.

If you are staying at the T & C - nothing has changed, you should have given the T & C your meal choice/s for the awards banquet when you made your room reservations. You can pay for the dinner/s separately anytime that week at the front desk, or you can simply have it billed to your room for payment at check-out.

If you are NOT staying at the T & C, but want to attend the Awards Banquet, you will need to call the T & C and let them know you are making dinner reservations for the Awards Banquet on Thursday August 14, as part of Shark Week. They will ask for your name and meal choice. Then, anytime that week (before Thursday), you need to stop in at the front desk at the T & C and let them know you made a dinner reservation for the Shark Week banquet and pay them at that time.

If you have not made a reservation for the awards dinner but plan to attend, (regardless of whether you're staying there or not), you should do that ASAP, as they are getting close to being totally sold out to maximum capacity.
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