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NOW available - "dog ear" style mounting bracket and heat shield for RF amp.

bark at the moon

these are $40 per side, shipped

includes new mounting nuts

for those of you that have ordered them, I have a handful of emails,
need a little more info, they're going in boxes today, just finishing them out, if my PM box gets full, try [email protected]

new orders:
what I need

email address (for paypal invoice)

and obviously left side , right side or pair

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The final product looks great.
hey thanks, now that 2 days of straight work have been done, I think it's Miller Time.

(( actually never drink miller, but you get the point ))

I'm going to snap some pics and enjoy a cool one while I pack boxes.

the members who have expressed an interest have either been sent a paypal or PM reminder to forward shipping data

these came out better than I expected, you will always nit pick your own work
before someone elses, being inside the fairing they don't gotta look beautiful, just work real good.

I'll post up some more pics after a while of the final fitment and some application guides.

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how is this different from yaffes bracket? and where do you mount this in your fairing? i would like to see the finished product installed please.

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a. pics still coming

been sorting out shipping

I DO NOT HAVE anyone's addresses, but have processed some payments

got boxes squared away

please send your mailing addresses to [email protected] is my storefront, I apologize for it looking like a ghost town website, since I do it all myself, sometimes stuff doesn't get updated quickly enough,
I've been trying to hire help, but so far no takers.

my PM box is getting too full to trust that I'll get all the messages.

so either try or just send information directly to my cell phone [email protected] thank you

Been getting some questions, and pics still coming

so here's a little Q and A

OuchMMC said:
so whats the story with these exactly? are they made for the RG? did you make the mesurments your self are they the ones that yaffe makes? is there a website i can look at before purchase or just a garage project?

a: these are a refined copy of what I've been using for over a year.

designed for road glide specifically, I got the measurements by using my computer and running off protoypes until I felt the space was utilized 100%.

these can also hold additional satellite brackets on the ends for maybe crossovers and/or capacitors, FYI

that's a trick question, because I have always worked out of my garage to some degree and for several years.

I have a shop out back, but got tired of walking out there so yes, set up a bench in my garage, everythings close.

as previously mentioned, my website will be updated shortly, I'm no web master, just like having my own site, mostly just to put personal items up that I'm selling.

the reason I'm making these is for this place, no great plans to conquer the universe, just build some high quality widgets.

okay. some pics


notice they are all very consistant

here is the bolt mounting space, allows for maximum knob button dial and plug in access

honestly, jury still out on fasteners, these are brass coated, I believe I would like to try nylon machine screws this next time around.

but this pic shows you the placement

then this overhang I have been talking about, 3/4"

allows future mounting of additional lightweight stuff

I kept it in the design to help isolate the two pair of speaker backwaves

not eliminate, just slow 'em down, all really a theory

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Did you get the payment info from Pay Pal? Also, What is the make & model of the speakers you have mounted on the side inner fairing wall?

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conrad and jason

need your shipping address so these can go out today, thank you.

both your payments have been received.


I know this sounds like a BS story, but my computer went haywire.

I need your address also. thought I had it but I think I accidentally deleted it.

speakers: those are pioneer G-144 something, el cheapo $34, I bought them
just to have something to cut the holes by, and they've lasted and sound
fairly loud so there they remain.

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Nice job donut!!!
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