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RF Speaker Swap, micro sub question

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Hey everyone!
I have a 2011 FLTRX..(I know, I know, old school!! haha)

I have 4 RF 6.5 in the fairing, 2 in stock location, 2 facing forks (1 is blown)
Pushed by a PBR300x4
hogtunes lids, with RF 6x9
powered by a PBR300x2

I am looking to up grade all the speakers since 1 is blown... seems logical...

With my amps what speakers could i go with, and make clearance with the RF speaker grills (they're color matched to the bike facing forks)

regarding the micro sub..... I have Top Shop Black Death bags, I was thinking about adding a micro sub, and small amp to the extension, facing the wheel, im trying to keep it below the false floor, has anyone ever tried??

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I believe the pbr x4 is a 4 ohm amp and you have to use a 4 ohm speaker. You would be better off getting another RF power speaker until you can afford a whole new system.

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