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RF Speaker Swap, micro sub question

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Hey everyone!
I have a 2011 FLTRX..(I know, I know, old school!! haha)

I have 4 RF 6.5 in the fairing, 2 in stock location, 2 facing forks (1 is blown)
Pushed by a PBR300x4
hogtunes lids, with RF 6x9
powered by a PBR300x2

I am looking to up grade all the speakers since 1 is blown... seems logical...

With my amps what speakers could i go with, and make clearance with the RF speaker grills (they're color matched to the bike facing forks)

regarding the micro sub..... I have Top Shop Black Death bags, I was thinking about adding a micro sub, and small amp to the extension, facing the wheel, im trying to keep it below the false floor, has anyone ever tried??

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You'll be happy with the Kappa's pushed by your PBR's

The way it's been explained to me, the higher the quality of the amp, the higher the quality of the speakers needed to take advantage.

The Focal's are FANTASTIC speakers but I don't think the PBR will bring out the best in them, you'll need to invest in a better amp. Kappa's however will.
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