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RG cruise control CEL issues

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My bike (2013 RG) threw a CEL code for Cruise Control a while back. Took it to the shop where they said they found the problem and fixed it.
Took the bike home. Rode it and it happened again, so I took it back. They could not duplicate it they said after three days. I took the bike back again and with in a mile of the shop, it threw the code again. I pulled over and cleared the code, but it came back on, within a mile , so I returned it to the dealer once again. I asked for a loaner bike as this is a big weekend, and I planned on riding some place. But no, They just gave me a ride home. The problem is that when in cruise mode, the CC will be doing fine, then just start accelerating uncommanded. When it gets up to 90 MPH or so the computer shuts off the CC. then the CEL comes on, and CC will no longer work. The last time I was at 45 MPH and it started to accelerate, but quickly disconnected the CC by itself. I didn't touch anything. They can't seem to find the problem. Has any one BTDT before? I am looking for ideas as to what would cause this. As far as I know the is only the Throttle by wire part, the wiring itself, and the speed sensor. So how hard could it be to fix this problem? seems to me this should be an easy fix. Just looking for advice from someone who may have had this issue before and found the problem.:confused:
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Cruise control doesn't work past 89 mph. I also saw where on another thread Hutmo said the Front Brake Switch is failing (on hand brake) and a bump was enough to shut it off
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