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The top left outer fairing mount on my 2013 RG ultra partially broke off. I was unsuccessful in finding a "fix" to this issue on the RoadGlide or Harley forums. So, here is my fix that may be helpful to others.

First remove the outer fairing, clean then lightly sand the area around the mount, apply a high quality 2 part epoxy in the joint between the mount and the fairing, then apply epoxy over the mount and an 1" or so beyond the mount to provide additional strength. I also embedded fiberglass mesh into the epoxy to provide additional strength. Be sure and not allow epoxy to cover the "end" of the mount or in locations that will contact the inner fairing. This will cause a "gap" between the inner and outer fairing. Hold the mount tight to the fairing until the epoxy cures.

I reinforced the remaining 5 mounts in hopes to prevent additional failures.


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