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Im taking some ppl up to the halks nest and back. we start from NJ off RT 287 ext4 . we will meet at
Quick Chek Address:
317 Durham Avenue
S. Plainfield, NJ 07080

from there its on, we will take some nice peg scrapin back roads into Pa then we will cross over to upstate ny to rt 97 then back into NJ to rt23 to a nice look out in this park i cant remember the name of. Then I will lead everyone to the parkway from rt3 and your on your own from there.

harleys, hondas, can ams, and sport bikes can come. I dont care what you got as long as you wont kill your self or others.

this is not a club ride. Its just a ride for fun. and we will prob eat 2 or 3 times within the ride.

We will stop every 100 miles because some ppl have hondas and sportsers.

If your down, just meet us there and ask for Dave . :D
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