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Ride-On & Dynabeads

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Just found out from HD that these products would not void the Tire/Wheel coverage. This is from HD corporate.
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Just found out from HD that these products would not void the Tire/Wheel coverage. This is from HD corporate.
Just curious, are they willing to put that in writing?
When I did my tire and rim swap last year I ask the dealer to install ride-on cuz i didn't want them to use the weights they said they would not because they don't like it. They said they wouldn't use the beads either. That was that dealers policy. I put ride-on in the tires and haven't had any trouble
I have dyna beads in my 26" tire now. When it comes time to change it I'll be installing the Ride on sealant.
Ride-On rules.
I asked my dealer about Ride On as I am putting new tires on with Ride On at an Indie. He said he didn't know if the Extended Warranty that I an purchasing will cover if in tire. We had a 3 way phone call with the rep from HD Dept and they said that it's good to go. HD also sent an e mail confirming this to my dealer who said he will have a copy of e mail for me.
I run Ride On front and back.

When I was getting my new front tire and switching to it to Ride On my Indy was very unhappy. The moaned and bitched and complained about the un-named terrible stuff using Ride On would do. I told them "no problem", if they really felt that strongly about it, "I will find a new Indy". :eek:

Guess who has Ride On in their front tire? They work for me, not the other way around....

P.S. Had the exact same issue when I put the car tire on. Mean while the car tire is on and they do what I want....
Dallas HD sells RideOn.
+1 on Rideon. I've use this stuff on my last 3 bikes ... great stuff
I used dyna beads in my BMW and Goldwing for many years, even when I double darksided with the Wing. Always smooth and balanced. Just bought the RGU, but first tire change I'll probably go back to the beads.
I love Ride-On. I have had a screw in the tire and still rode it 25mi to the dealer without any loss of air pressure. They changed the tire under my Tire/Wheel warranty and never said squat about it. My only complaint is that is does seem to go in and out of balance at times. Doesn't stay balanced 100% of the time. I guess that is a small price to pay for peace of mind against most punctures.
Have had Ride On in for last 11k. Smooth as silk in balancing dept. Havent noticed any punctures- but I might not with it in
I'm a fan of the Dynabeads have been using them for years issue free. Never tried Ride on yet.
I use dyna beads as well, never heard of Ride On til now...
I use dyna beads as well, never heard of Ride On til now...
+ 1 on that. Both have to be superior to weights.
Ride-On user here...happy with the product!
Getting close to replacing both tires on my 2011 Road Glide Ultra. Hv 16k on them, and doing a Pacific Coast ride at the end of Sept. Because of the feedback on this forum, I'm going to try Ride-on.
I'm in Phoenix, and been back to the dealer 5 times after finding weights on my garage floor. Very frustrating.
Also going to install the 90 degree air valves.

Hey BigWaterJim,

Any chance of getting a copy of the e-mail?
Just thinking it might help if I hv a problem on a road trip.

i have used Ride-on on my last 2 bikes. Especially after hearing Schrugs testimony from his Alaskapade trip. Very satisfied. I have almost 2cases on hand and would be willing to sell to anyone needing some. PM me if interested.
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