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MM to carb....

Are you considering this carb to replace the MM EFI?

Do you have the 95" motor? That thing "can" be a real beast...on the cheap!

I had a '01 EG Classic 88" TC motor with Frankenstein trike conversion (stolen 8-2014)
and that mutha just screamed. Never had any of the problems you
read about all over the 'net with the MM EFI.

I would seriously look at Zippers Delphi conversion kit....see link below...

Throttle body available in a few sizes....

Of course the first thing I did when I got it home was to remove & CLEAN
the throttle body VERY well, re-install, and reset the cold/hot idle speeds.

Changed the HD plugs to NGK replacements (NOT Iridium!) gapped tight and
that was all she needed.

Ran great, sounded better, mpg improved....just simple maintenance.
Pulled good for a 88" "stocker"....of course I usually road it like it was on fire...:cool:...

Worth a shot. But....IF I was having problems....I would spend the
coin for this Zippers problem.

Been reading GOOD things about the Thunder Maxx tuner with Auto Tune!

Been looking at a few SE Road Glides.....I would do the conversion
if....I mean when....I find the right one......:D...

Just my .02 cents....

Good luck...


Zippers kit

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It runs ok now but I am thinking about this in the future.

I look at the Thundermax Biggest problem with it is I live in Commiefornia and they wont sell it to me. I guess I could just go down to reno and get it. The other issue is that its about 2x more expensive.

But the auto tune would be nice. I am not committed to anything and have not made my mind up yet I am just looking!

Thanks for the reply.
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