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Road 6 Customs Guys!!

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I've been trying to compile some info on the Road 6 Custom bars for the 2015/16s and I just have a couple questions for the guys who already have them on. I'm looking at the 13" Holey Rollers or the Standard Apes. I like the simple straight forward design. Basically I'd love to know over all comfort and fit when you're in the saddle, as well as overall what you think of them. If I remember correctly the width is 33" which is close to stock for comparison so any differences there would be good to know too. Height looks like they sit right around equal height to the top vent. Getting real close to pulling the trigger on either these or the WCTB MXTs so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I just ordered my bars from custom 6. How long it take you guys to get your bars?

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It was less then a week
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