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Road 6 Customs Guys!!

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I've been trying to compile some info on the Road 6 Custom bars for the 2015/16s and I just have a couple questions for the guys who already have them on. I'm looking at the 13" Holey Rollers or the Standard Apes. I like the simple straight forward design. Basically I'd love to know over all comfort and fit when you're in the saddle, as well as overall what you think of them. If I remember correctly the width is 33" which is close to stock for comparison so any differences there would be good to know too. Height looks like they sit right around equal height to the top vent. Getting real close to pulling the trigger on either these or the WCTB MXTs so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Cool I didn't want to go too high even though I'm pretty tall and they'll be under shoulder height. I'm fine with that. I mostly don't want to get too wide and it looks like those bars are a good fit. Right around vent level for the height?
Awesome guys, thanks. The pics really help. I'm debating whether to go with the 13s or spring for new cables and go a little higher with 15's just because I'm tall and I like having them close to shoulder level, without going too wide if possible. I got so used to the comfort and control of TBars on my Dyna that I want to keep that as much as I can. One thing is for sure though - these stock bars gotta GO! Even pushed all the way forward when I bought it they're killing me. Feels like my hands are in my lap.
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I just stopped by the dealership where they have a softail build with a set of carlini 14" gangster apes on it so I could see how they feel. While I was there I took a walk outside where my old dyna was on display for sale. I sat on it and couldn't believe how tiny it felt after less than two months on the RG! It felt like a kids bicycle lol! I gotta admit though - damn I miss that dyna.
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I will for sure. Truth is I think I'm even farther away from deciding than I was when I woke up this morning. Can't seem to find a set of bars I really like. Back and forth between Carlini's, Road 6, then on height. Back out to the bike with the tape measure comparing height and width. Different designs. Standing there looking at it for awhile. Searching more online. And so on and so forth. Ugh. Oh well back at it.
Just take your time and get out to see other bikes, its an expensive mod if you got bigger and need new cables. I hate to pay for something then realize i don't like it.
You're dead on, man. I'm not hurrying anything on this one. I plan on having this bike for a long time, really making it MY bike along the way so I'm not jumping into any knee-jerk reaction decisions. I admit I detest having a stock setup running around a town where there is a lot of personalized bikes (Tucson) but I definitely know the way to go is like you said. Take your time and weigh the decisions carefully so I end up happy with what I go with.
Screamingskulls, what size are those?
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