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I have a Lightly used Mustang Regal touring seat and Rider backrest with the. Harley adjustable rider backrest mounting kit. Mustang seat number is 76036 it says it fits Harley years from 2008 - 2016, I know it fits a 2009 and a 2015 Road Glide

The rider back rest mounting kit is p/n 52596-09A it was on my 09 and 16 RG for a short time.

I don't know the backrest part number.

The adj backrest mounting kit has 2 adjusting cables and frame mounts. I once had on my 07 and the frame mount was different on the 09 so thats why I have 2.

Everything is in near perfect condition, no rips or tears, just normal wear. Seat, Backrest and mount will last for years.

PM me with any questions, as far as shipping goes, I know it is not cheap, I will go half the cost of shipping

I don't want to split things up, but if I must I will.

Cost for everything is $425.00 or best offer plus half the shipping

I can't load more pictures, max file limit exceeded, PM me and I will send you the rest


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