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The 2004 Roadglide along with all the other 2002 to 2007 HD touring models have a 1 inch rear axle and any rear wheel from 2002 to 2007 will work!
2008 and later touring models have the "Cush Drive" which is the rear wheel compensator and the 25mm axle and both of these features will not work on your 2004 and the 2009 and later rear wheels are a wider wheel which will not work.
2001 and earlier touring models have the 3/4 inch axle and they will not work either.
Looks like the 02 to 07 wheels are your only choice unless you go with custom wheels, Check out chrome exchange, chrome wheel exchange, wheel spacers, Harley chrome wheels, Harley trike wheels, trike wheels, hub saver, harley wheels for stock chrome HD wheels you can get a set of front and back chome wheels for a good price there.
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