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Road Glide Ultra LOW ... maybe

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Do you think Harley will build an RGU Low? What do you think the odds are? Maybe you heard something about it already?

At 5'6" with a 29 inseam I felt the low versions of the Limited and Classic fit me perfect. However I got a great deal on a new 2014 FLHTCU last February. So when my Tour Glide was wrecked last year I moved to the Batwing.

I just had to check out the '16 RGU. Test ride last Thursday really showed me the difference in the 2 Rushmores.

I liked the changes for '16 like the bars, re-positioned fairing and infotainment center and the narrow, seemingly lowered / moved forward seat. With the seat change I felt comfortable using the new bars and holding the bike up. (still can't comfortably reach the kickstand or put it down without a lot of fumbling around). Also the slim primary cover is nice.

I put the reduced reach seat on my FLHTCU or I would not have been safe using the bike. I also added the kickstand extension which works perfectly.

The RGU handled like the Tour Glide and even at 80 on the expressway with a heavy gusting wind it felt much smoother and more stable than when I took my FLHTCU over the same stretch of e-way.

Even though the infotainment center is rated 75 watts and it uses 6.5 speakers the sound is not as clear or loud as the 4.3 on my current ride. I also noted the wind noise with the fairing still further out than the Tour Glide or the batwing.

I did not find the center fairing vent very useful. MAYBE if they would have a variable control for the vents so you could adjust the amount of wind coming through them would be such a better idea. I opened the center vent on the e-way and the wind was excessively strong blasting me right in the face. It annulled the benefits of the fairing and windshield. And this is the vent, I'm told, allows for better slip-streaming of air and less head buffeting. Like I said without a variable adjustable vent this seems really odd compared to the batwing's center vent which reshapes wind-flow nicely up the back side of the windshield, not in your face!

I felt the dual cool system is a lot less problem prone to issues now that it's been out there for a few years and the improved torque of it's 103 is noticeable, compared to my 103 air cooled Ultra Classic. I understand too that the new 110 kit, if you really need it, is a simple upgrade with the existing cam in this wet head 103.

Cost is really prohibitive to buy the current RGU and then lower it. So I would like to see them add a RGU low to their lineup.
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You can also get the slim inner/outer primary setup also. It's hella expensive (like $4-500) but narrows the primary like on the Ultra Lows.
FBI also makes a drop seat kit that replaces the tail section and lowers you 3-3.5".
I was not aware of ??. I was under the assumption that they were only in the lows. My bad...
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