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road glide ultra release ????

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word on the street ...that i heard is the winter dealer meeting is starting and that it could be the release of the r.g. ultra on saturday....along with new parts and windshield for the glide
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My Ultra Road Glide.

I have replaced my Ultra Electra Glide with the 2009 Road Glide.
I too am making it into an Ultra type.
Here is how it looks so far.

I have just gotten an Air Horn to replace the weak electric Harley Horn.
It will be delivered by UPS in the morning and I will put it in place.

Rear View. Antennas are inside the Fairing.

Front view. Notice the Lower Vents as well as the Kuryakyn Lights.

Better view of the vents and lights.​
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I could only list 4 Pictures so here is the rest of the post.

I didn't like the Head set that was stuck to the Fuel tank, So I used the Ultra Dash with the
Head Set Plug in the center. The Passenger Head set is along the Rear Fender so
I can use the Detachable Tour Pak.

This is the Inner Fairing set up. I moved the Speedometer Reset Switch and
installed a Kuryakyn Double switch. Also note the Satellite Radio.

This is the Lower Storage box with the Harley Locking Door installed. Harley doesn't have the
Doors for the Non-Vented FLTR Lowers. I modified the boxes to accept the Vented Locking doors.

How does it looks so far? I am still adding Accessories and Chrome.
I have a Big Sucker Air Cleaner and hope to get new Mufflers soon.
I also plan to add the Luggage rack, Tour Pak Trim and J&M 7.25" Speakers.
I am working on the Tour Pak Speakers too.​
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...... the silver panels you added to your ride really work w/the original red striping & set off the Ultra theme you got going there !
......... so, how DO you get a helmet over those forehead ridges ?
The red pin stripes are not the original. The original are blue. I changed to red because the blue just didn't look good to me.

I still have the Fuel tank to paint. i had to wait because it was started in the fall and the weather turned cold. I had to wait until the weather wormed up to make sure the paint was going to stick. It is still not warm at night yet so I will paint next month. I already have a design in mind.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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