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road glide ultra release ????

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word on the street ...that i heard is the winter dealer meeting is starting and that it could be the release of the r.g. ultra on saturday....along with new parts and windshield for the glide
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I'd like to see it. But it's going to take a lot for me to want to trade in my "06

....... i'm lookin' forward to seeing how they do it, but it'd take the right colors to get me to let loose of the '05.
....... ok, this is prob'ly a stretch, ....... but doesn't the silver accent on the lowers of RGR's 'Empire Cruiser' remind anyone a little of the Starfleet Pennant insignia ?
...... it did me ....... so much so that I had to go & look it up

..... the silver panels you added to your ride really work w/the original red striping & set off the Ultra theme you got going there !
......... so, how DO you get a helmet over those forehead ridges ?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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