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We made it back in one piece. July 30th departed and the ride from WI thru Ill to Paducah, KY, on 57 South was uneventful excepting for the constant RAIN. I forgot my scuba gear. There was water everywhere and the road construction concrete saw cutting remnant’s infiltrated every possible nook and cranny on the bike. (Thank you rain suit, no thank you for leaving helmet vents open..DOH!)

We arrived in Paducah 3 hours later than planned but it is better to arrive safe than not. We checked into the hotel then ate some dinner then went back to the hotel. Waking up early the next morning we took our bikes over to Wal-Mart and obtained some micro-fiber cloths and went to a car wash and proceeded to restore our bikes from a dull gray-white to the original colors.

We then proceeded to the Four Rivers Harley Dealership. I liked the design of the dealership but the staff was not so friendly. Not much to say about the personality of the staff. We took a couple photos of the outside and bought a couple tee shirts. 30.00+ for a XL size.

We then departed in good riding weather and started riding towards our 2nd destination of Hannibal, Mo. We avoided the interstate as much as possible and rode as close to the river as possible. The destination was Scott City, Mo. There is a dealership there and since my Step son’s name is Scott we thought it would be funny to have a shirt with his name on it. We arrived at Boot Heel HD and while looking at the T shirts discovered that even though we were in Scott City the t shirts said Cape Girardeau, Mo on them. The staff there was very friendly and had great personalities. Scott did buy a tee shirt there even without the name.

We departed Scott City and rode along 61 until we arrived in Ste.Genevieve, Mo and got on Interstate 55 North Near Arnold, MO and proceeded to avoid St. Louis and exited 79 North and followed that until we were detoured over to 61 North. We arrived in Hannibal, MO, checked into our hotel, went and ate dinner then went to sleep. We rode 61 North into Iowa and then proceeded along the river until we arrived in Muscatine, Iowa and took 22/67 North to Clinton, Iowa.

I bought a new lighter there and a tee shirt as well. The reason I bought a new lighter was that the original one launched out of my lighter port at 70 MPH on the interstate before St. Louis and I never have liked the dealer ship in Davenport.

We rode 67 and connected with 52 North and rode into Bellevue, Iowa. We spent the night there. A very nice town. Clean etc.. The next day we rode 52 to 61/151 back into Wisconsin and arrived home. I woke up the next morning and completed a walk around full inspection of my bike. Remember me buying a new light in Clinton, Iowa?

What I figured out was that by using the gps in the cigarette port the diameter of the device when inserted in the port resulted in the retainer clips expanding to the size of the gps power adapter. As I was moving the clips back to the original tension I looked down at my primary/engine area and lo and behold there was my cigarette lighter. It lodged in between the cases and was retained by the shifter rod. Who would have thought that could happen? If I had looked at the Clinton dealership I could have saved 16.00 LOL. So now I have two lighters ha! I will be adding a dual power port on my AUX switch now!

Starting Mileage 1002 at home after 1,000 mile service completed
Ending mileage 2489
Total miles 1487 miles. I averaged 45.67 MPG total.

Not bad for a new bike IMHO

The few pictures I took are posted on Thank you to all who helped with information and well wishes for my first trip on my new RG Custom.
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