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RoadGlide radio rain cover?

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Does anyone make some type of a press in rain cover for the radio on a 2010 RG? Kind of like the one BikeTronics has with their ElectraGlide retro radio kit?
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I have the stock HK radio and just got my bike back out of the shop after having the radio wet on a ride and lost the display. Radio still worked but no display...just a nice red glow. The servive guy told me it wasn't the first RG to have had this and I think in some other threads here you will find the same.
As for a cover I think the folks over a eGlideGoodies now have a cover for us. Haven't ordered it yet but I will have it before next riding season.
I emailed them and they only seem to have one for the E-Glide with a aftermarket radion
Dbell, old thread, but how did that radio cover work out?
Biketronics makes one for the Sony marine unit but it covers the entire opening, I think it would also work for the stock head unit.
I believe theirs are on for the Batwing faired bikes, not the RG?
No, they make and RG one, I have it, works fine. I guess you didnt click on the link.
Duh, didn't even see your link. I do have the oem radio on my 2010. Would it work with that? BT does not have any decent pics. Do you?
Dont know, I would just call them. Funny how we forget about the phone these days. :D
Can you post a pic of yours?
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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