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Whats up everyone,
Back again with a quick question for you guys, the RG brotherhood!!

Here goes:
If you have a DSR1 signal processor on your bike as part of your audio install, in terms on just the front channel we are talking about here?:

If a DSR1 is wired to your bike and you connect the DSR1 with your smartphone, there is an option on the DSR1, then on your smartphone youd head on over to the 'SETUP DEVICE' menu and make sure that the 'DC Detect' feature is turned on. This feature will allow the DSR1 to turn on when it sees the music signal from your radio. Once it verifies the DSR1 is in 'DETECT MODE' it states that you simply disconnect the bikes accesory from the solid blue wire remote in the DSR1. Then it says that this wire will no longer be needed!! The DSR1 will now await for the factory radio to boot and finish with a 'POP' before the DSR1 sends a signal to your amplifier to turn on. That audio signal is what triggers the DSR1 to turn on in this configuration and not the bikes accessory.

So here's my stupid Question?:

Does it matter if we disconnect that blue wire or NOT??
Can I just leave it in?
Or Will it damage it in anyway or no?

John S
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