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Rockford Fosgate PBR 300x4/Speaker install

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HD 2013 RGU.

Just finished an install of the RF 300x4 amp with Biketronics 7.1 Titan II speakers in the front fairing and Alpine SPR-60 speakers in the rear tour pack pods. I kept the stock HK radio. (fader also works fine)

The RF amp wiring kit made the install a snap....highly recommended!!
(plug and play) no wire cutting/splicing or soldering.
The Alpine speakers drop right into the rear pods without spacers or any mods. I had to drill new screw holes in the pods which took 10 min. to align and mount.
I bought all components separately from Biketronics, Amazon and Ebay for around $650.00 total.
The information from this website was priceless during the install and amp adjustment.
This was my very first stereo install ever.
I know there is no end to the audio setups with all the components and options available, but for $650.00 bucks, this setup sounds amazing!!
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Hey BlkRat,

Yes, the amp fits in the fairing just fine. The RF wiring kit comes with brackets for mounting.
Hey Rodie13,

I almost went with the BT 4180 and still may in the future. My entire install cost as much as the BT 4180 amp alone and sounds very crisp and loud. Anything is an improvement over stock.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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