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Roland sands Bars

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So i have put the Roland sands bars on my bike and i love um (if you look at the pics of my scoot you can see um
I found some pics on the web that shows the who ,what ,where when and why
I read this artical in hot bike and bought them
I did that because i didnt have to change cabels, did it in a couple hours
This is not my bike but photos they did from the install shoot but its the same deal
Hope it gives you all some perspective
They are pricey 350.00
(but you save it on using stock cabels and wires 80-90.)


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They 9.75 high But look at the grip position as well
These have a better position in my opinion that the Yaffe bars ,less drop and pull back I had a pair and sent them back .I know guys that have and they liked these better but you can get used to whatever you have
I also installed a Corbin seat and this is my 5th bagger soo I knew what would work best for me
In the pics this guy has the bars forward I keep mine lined up with my forks
Some dumb ass hit the button to many times LOL
Keep in mind that these were designed for the glide .If you look at the pics they are narrower in the middle (like the old dyna wide glide bars)
If thet are following the fork line you are ok The pull back is diferent as is the drop so i would say no
LOL ,I realize that I gave you no more information sorry man
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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