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Rushmore - switched and unswitched accessory power?

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Posted this on another forum for those that visit both, but I thought I would try here too:

It seems obvious to me that the MotorCo would have an option for having both an accessory switched and not switched accessory power at the same time but as far as I can tell with the Rushmore bikes it is an either or but not both situation. Is there a Y splitter that attaches to the accessory power in the left panel to allow the use of both the 6920722 harness (unswitched accessory power) and 71400105 (accessory switched power)? I do not want or need my heated grips and heated seat switched on and off by the dash accessory switches but I do have a few other accessories I would like to be able to switch on and off via the panel switches. Am I missing something here? Is there a Y splitter available that is not listed in the P&A catalog?
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I've used these on other bikes: One wire to the + side of the battery, one wire to the - side, then one wire to a switched source (usually the taillight):
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