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Rushmore - switched and unswitched accessory power?

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Posted this on another forum for those that visit both, but I thought I would try here too:

It seems obvious to me that the MotorCo would have an option for having both an accessory switched and not switched accessory power at the same time but as far as I can tell with the Rushmore bikes it is an either or but not both situation. Is there a Y splitter that attaches to the accessory power in the left panel to allow the use of both the 6920722 harness (unswitched accessory power) and 71400105 (accessory switched power)? I do not want or need my heated grips and heated seat switched on and off by the dash accessory switches but I do have a few other accessories I would like to be able to switch on and off via the panel switches. Am I missing something here? Is there a Y splitter available that is not listed in the P&A catalog?
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I can't really answer your question, but I did find something when I did a heated grip instal on my 16 RGU.

When you pull the tach and speedometer nacelle, there are two wire bundles with plugs, attached to each side of the lower housing. They are right under the three blanked off switch areas on each side of the ignition switch. I didn't ohm them out nor put a meter on them to see what was hot, ground or switched. They must terminate somewhere, but I have no idea where. I'll look at a wiring diagram one of these days, and see what accessories they support.

One thing I can tell you is you Do Not want to randomly start taping into wires on a CanBus system. Found that out several years ago on a BMR 1200Rt...
Maybe Im missing something... I have a 2016 RGU
I removed the "Dash: and found the Plug that connect to the area where the switch buttons would be placed.. (both right and left) if I place the buttons I don't see where any connectors will connect to the buttons.. I believe there is another part that is needed (switch pak?)
and just curious.. on HD site, 71400105 and 106 seem to be the same thing Picture and description wise but one is 40.00 more than the other .. what gives..
Mine (2016 RGU) had two 5-6 conductor male plugs attached to those blank-off plates in your picture. Kinda made it a pain to remove the housing, one of the release tabs was on the back. Each plug (obviously) had a wire bundle. Like I said, I didn't put a meter on them to see what was hot, ground or switched...
Ready? Black is ground. Blue is lighting. Blue/w violet tracer is power ( like to your cigarette lighter).
If you MUST mess with the twisted CAM BUS wires make sure they are exactly the same length or nothing will work.
Good luck!!!!
Good stuff.

I'm a pretty good mechanic, but the whole CanBus thing is kind of a mystery to me. the basics you posted, are a good place to start. I know when I had my BMW, one popular accessory was a fuse block wired directly to the battery, with 5-6 taps to run stuff off of. General consensus at that time was don't F... with any of the factory wires, or it jack everything up...
Ah, got it. Heated gear, here I come...
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