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Rushmore - switched and unswitched accessory power?

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Posted this on another forum for those that visit both, but I thought I would try here too:

It seems obvious to me that the MotorCo would have an option for having both an accessory switched and not switched accessory power at the same time but as far as I can tell with the Rushmore bikes it is an either or but not both situation. Is there a Y splitter that attaches to the accessory power in the left panel to allow the use of both the 6920722 harness (unswitched accessory power) and 71400105 (accessory switched power)? I do not want or need my heated grips and heated seat switched on and off by the dash accessory switches but I do have a few other accessories I would like to be able to switch on and off via the panel switches. Am I missing something here? Is there a Y splitter available that is not listed in the P&A catalog?
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Been looking at putting some more lighting on my CVO. My understanding of the Aux wiring kit with buttons #71400105 is the circuits from the buttons down to the left side fuse panel are already there and the kit just plugs into the Left side panel plug under the fuse box and diagnostics port. Dont know if the regular Road Glides are any different.

Guess these are all switched power.
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