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Good Day All -

I have a 2018 RGU. My saddle bags are stock. I would like to add the fillers that hide the fender brackets. I had considered the LED inserts; but I have the saddle bag LED's from CD and feel it would be too much. I see that HD makes the standard paint matched fillers.. one for each side. After researching a bit; I actually like the idea of the one piece filler that allows you to add the TriBar LED insert to the bottom of the fender itself. This would allow me to remove the bulky ugly plastic HD piece currently on the bottom of my fender. I believe this is more like what is standard on a Street Glide.

The more I searched (here on the forum and Google); the more confused I got with the many options. I see the one piece filler from Hogworkz; but it references that it is made for a bike w/stretched bags.

Any advice here?

Thanks all,
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