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I got the Saddleman road sofa with driver backrest and heater for 399 to my door. It was on closeout, I could not pass it up.

I did see some bad reviews about it, but I figured at that price, I could get out of it if I wanted to. So I wired it up today.

It is a pretty good seat. I am taller and more forward. I am 6 ft, and too heavy. I now do not need the expensive handlebar job. But I do need a new windshield. It is hard as a rock. My pastor said to give it 1000-1500 miles. It will break in, and I will be happy. He has 3 of these.

I wired the heater to the accessory plug. I used a 1-2 splitter that I got at Harley. I cut off one of the male ends, spliced to this and re-insulated. I used the same pins that HD uses on thier Sun Ray seats. Ground and switched from Accessory, which also requires the drum switch to be on or in in the accessory position. This seat draws less than the HD offering, so I figure I am safe on current. Have the 50 amp stator.

I like that it comes with controls that you can clip on your clothes. They also have a system of plugs so that you can put then away and coil the wires when not in use. I will need to get the wire extension kit eventually. Not everybody will need it. The wife and I do.

Fit is not bad. There is a gap between the seat and tank. Not too bad, and other seats I have seen do this too. There are some slots between the seat and the frame. I dont like that, but it should be pretty easy to find a fill piece when you have a shed full of odds and ends.

Test ride showed that the heaters take a country mile to heat up. But when they do you are toasty warm where it matters. Always thought of heated seats as a wasteful luxury. 10 miles with this one and I have no idea how I survived without one. I am starting to like the driver backrest. Tons of tweaking on the adjuster but I like it. I like it without it too.

I give this seat a 8 of 10. Stock HD seat, 6 of 10. Stock seat on a 95 electraglide, 6 of 10. Stock Yamaha Stratoliner seat, 7 of 10. Yamaha Vstar 1100 seat, 3 of 10; numbers give for comparison.

I would buy again at 399.
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