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Sancho's Wings now has a web site:

If you are interested in purchasing a set of Wings do not order from the web site. Send me a pm and I'll tell you how to receive the forum member discount.

I have added a new style and another mounting system you can see on the site. The new design comes about 1/2" below the top of HD's vented lower fairing. It's actually like adding 10" to the top of your lower fairing and 6" width to the side of the sharknose. They work with or without lower fairings.

I've tried velcro however there is not enough inner fairing surface to attach the velcro to so that it is a solid hold. The wind forced them back at high speed. I've also tried longer Wings to the crash bar. They bent in the wind as well and lost the function of being longer.

The clear Wings are hardly noticeable. However they can be painted to match your bike. By painting the rider side the paint will have a high gloss, mirror finish when viewed from the front and the paint will never scratch from rocks or bugs.


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Nicely done website. No bells and whistles. Fast loading too.

Where'd you get the grip covers?

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