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Scarlet Red Metallic

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I bought some paint from color-rite. They supposedly have paint that matches HD. I'm going to paint some lowers I just bought.
The paint they sell off the net for a 2010 FLTRX, scarlet red says you need a base and a top coat.
I made a spray out and the base looked like a flat red. When I applied the top coat it is nothing more than a clear with metalflake in it.
My scarlet red is solid red with no metal flake.
I called them and the lady told me they made 2 scarlet reds for 2010. One has a metallic and the other is a solid red. I've never seen a metallic scarlet red on a 2010. Have any of you?
I think she is way off base.
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I aon't seen one either, I think she is way off base too! She probably gave you the Crimson Red Sunglo
I did find a Scarlet Red Pearl used on a 2010 CVO FLHTCU and LTD FLHTCU.
But not on a Road Glide.

If anyone orders paint from them I suggest you do it by phone and not over the net using their Paint Wizard. Their Paint Wizard is not correct.
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