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I am back under SCHUBERTH since 2010. First the C3 and since spring under C4.
Modular helmet, *****
easy opens and closes.

Face shield and sun visor *****
easy to use

Anti fog screen. *****
works great

Vent system ****
absolute the best I ever got (have experience with Shoe, H-D, Bell, HJC and Nolan)

Audio system: ***
from Sena
Connects easy to iPhone, Garmin and TomTom
Sound: the experience with C3 was better
Connectivity to Harleys new BoomBox - no go - need additional equipment from Sena but no Stereo.

Wind noise *****
Yes, that the best I ever had.

Software: ***
Missing connectivity to H-D Bluetooth
App is easy to manage. good user interface.

Fitment: *****
This is subjective. But my ears fit perfect.

Overall 4.5 stars

Price: $$$$

Including price: 4 stars - high quality should not cost more $1,000 for a helmet with a audio system.

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I picked up an as new C3 Pro on Ebay two years ago for $400. Great quiet, comfortable helmet, and I love it, but I have not added any audio do dads. I have a Nolan N104 that I also like very much, but it is not as quiet as the Schulbreth.

I am kinda old school as I ride to ride, and to get away from all of the electronic BS that has invaded all of our lives. I do listen to the stock Boom whatever, with the speakers.

There is nothing like a modular or full face helmet on a bike in the rain, cold, dust, gravel, and big ass bug strikes. Or heaven forbid, a crash.
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