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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my stock radio quit working. After some screw-ups by a local audio store and lack of inventory everyplace else, I ordered on-line.

Being cheap I went to EBay and found a Scosche Kit with a PAC Steering Wheel Interface (SWI) from 702 Motoring for $90. Even with shipping and brokerage fees to Canada it worked out to just under $115. Much cheaper than I could find locally (half price) and less than most others.

I'm always leery buying on-line, and usually don't like the 'cheapest' because you get what you pay for.

This time I was happily surprised! I received the package in 9 days and there were no extra charges. Everything was as promised. :)

I'm fairly competent with a wrench but don't really like working with electrical of any sort. 702 included a sheet that said if there are any issues to give them a call between 10 and 7. Again being skeptical, I tried calling the night before I was going to do the install (about 6:30) and talked with Dustin (the HD guru). He assured me that everything should go together as explained in the simple instructions and that if I did have any problems he would be there the next night (Friday) as well.

Friday after work I figured I might as well get to it. From start to finish (fairing off to fairing on) was under 2 hours! :eek: I would say under 1.5 but I missed a wire and had to go to the house to call Dustin.

In total there were 8 wires to hook up. 7 from the kit wiring harness to the receiver (Kenwood KMR 355-U, bought separately, on sale) and one from the SWI to the receiver (without it the receiver worked but thumb controls didn't :eek:). I also had to cut the ground wire from the left handlebar and splice it into the ground to the kit/radio (3 wires instead of 2). I'm not very good at soldering so used heat shrink to hold the wires together and offer some water protection. Everything else was plug and play. The SWI was even preprogrammed so I didn't have to.

The kit fits well and was simple enough that I'd say anyone can do it. As always, getting the fairing back on can be the most difficult part. I didn't have any trouble this time but since I hadn't done it I in a couple of years I spent close to half an hour a couple of weeks ago.

New receiver looks and sounds great, definitely better than the stock. Even without an added amp the sound coming from the J & B speakers is loud and clear, they really shine now.

Bottom line is that for about $250 I got a receiver (AM/FM, Sirius, Pandora, USB, Blue-tooth, CD, …) and install kit that I was able to install myself with very little stress.

The only thing I might do different would be to look at getting the receiver from 702 as well.

It's nice to have tunage again! :D:D

Now to head west tomorrow and try it in the rain. ;)

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