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SE-254E cams

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Has anyone used the new Se254E cams in a 103 stage 2 build?
Thanks ahead for any info. Really just curious, I am using the 255 and am really happy with them.
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Sounds good. can you post a pic of your bike and a copy of the dyno sheet when you get through. My dyno is on this site already under engine build.
103 kit stage 2. 89 hp and 104 tq
With the 255 cam, I am getting 100lbft at 2500 rpm and continues to a maximum of 104 lbft and comes back down passing 100lbft at 4300 rpm and 90 lbft at 5100 rpm. I also have 89 hp as you do. I was wondering about that cam. Are you running any fuel and timing control? I am running the power cammander V. Took them most of the day to program but it made a world of difference.
Michael, if you put a Power commander V or another fuel/air controler you can get that dip out if you can adjust everything. My dyno looked just like yours before 3 hours of dyno adjustments to the PCV. My dyno sheet is on here somewhere. Good luck and hope to ride alongside of you someday. I wish we could have a meeting of all those on this site just to ride and eat ride and eat ride and eat. It is what good bikers do lol.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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