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I decided to replace my stock clutch plates with the HD SE Performance Clutch Friction Disc Kit HD P/N 37980-10. I already had the SE Heavy Duty Clutch Spring in with my stock clutch disc but I put a new spring in anyways.
The install is easy and there is a noticeable difference in clutch grab (but it is a new clutch) over the (well used) stock clutch disc. The clutch lever pull was exactly the same as it was with my stock clutch with the heavy duty spring.
The main difference is you have to discard the damper spring and damper ring seat that is used at the base of the clutch hub with the stock clutch and the SE clutch friction disk makes direct and full contact to the base of the clutch hub.
I got the parts from PC Pain and the cost of this upgrade was very reasonable and cheaper than using the stock clutch disc.
I am going to take a long test ride to get a good evaluation of this clutch assembly but so far it seems to perform great.
As a side note there wasn't much wear on my Hayden primary chain tensioner which I installed this spring.
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