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SE Compensator Installed

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Took the plunge and upgraded the stock compensator in my 09 SERG. Four hours start to finish with all the right tools and parts. And yes the inner primary had to come off to fit the rotor and remove the old one. I had all the parts as I knew the inner would have to come off. Results, quiet starts, queit shifts well all most just not the clunk just a click. Had a vibration in the floor boards while riding to up and rolling on the throttle which is also gone. The stock springs in the compensator were wore badly at 11,000 miles. And very loose. It was worth it to me. Install had no surprizes and directions where on the money along with the service manual. Also the new lockplate has a 1 3/4" holder on it to tighten the comp bolt to specs. I had a 2" adjustable that held the lockplate as I toruqe the bolt. Doc
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