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This is HD's new SE high Flow Exhaust came on my 2105 RGS w/ 120ST motor. It's just not what I want on my scoot.... so i'm putting it out there for any interested buys. It is still installed on my scoot and roughly 1300 miles. I will keep it on until I sell it or buy something else of my preference.

rear shot...

List price is $1299 from HD

$1000 shipped to the lower 48 states...

From HD's site:

The Screamin' Eagle® High-Flow Exhaust system provides bolt-on performance by reducing catalyst restrictions and improving exhaust flow.
Optimized for CVO™ 110 and Screamin' Eagle® Stage Kit engine configurations producing 80-100+ HP
Produce 5-7 hp gains on a 110ci motor and 8-10 hp gains on a 120ci motor when compared to the Original Equipment exhaust system
The muffler inlet diameter has been increased to 2.25"� to enhance exhaust gas scavenging
Catalysts have been relocated from the collector to the mufflers the enhance flow
Extra oxygen sensor bungs permit attachment of tuning equipment
Replaces the stock head pipe and mufflers with large diameter free-flowing head pipes and matching mufflers
Kit includes head pipe, 2.25" inlet Nightstick mufflers with catalysts and a collector and crossover tube heat shield
50-state legal

PM me or send me an email to [email protected]
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