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I installed this kit Harley Road Glide HID kit a little over a year. I am currently having issues with one or both bulbs turning off after running the starter.

After the install everything worked great, easy install and great performance from the bulbs. About 6 months ago I notice that after starting the bike one of the bulbs might go off. I would just flick the high/low switch and then both would be on.

Currently one or both lights usually go out while the starter is cranking and flicking the high/low switch after the bike is running has little effect. So I turn the bike off and start over, except now on when I turn on the ignition I might 1, 2, or zero bulbs on even before I hit the starter. It's not always the same bulb. Both connection where zipped tied and I get the same randomness with the fairing off. I have tried connecting only one bulb at a time, but both behave the same independently. They might be or off after starting.

Anyone else having this type of issue or have any ideas?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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