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2021 Road Glide Special in Snake Venom 🐍
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Hey I’ll try another round here since I’ve made some changes from last year…..

2021 special in snake venom paint

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Sky

Tire Sky Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle

Tire Wheel Sky Cloud Land vehicle

Freedom Shields 14” medium tint touring shield
GADS lower fairing deflectors
KST Legacy 14” apes
MOCO Get a Grip hand grips
FBI 4” clutch extension
Memphis Shades hand guards
MOCO long angled highway pegs
Kuryaken iso pegs
Mustang super touring saddle
Mustang rider’s backrest
MoCo chopped tour pack with quick disconnect kit CD Pro Beam front and rear smoked turn signals
CD BAGZ saddlebag lights
MOCO factory mufflers with baffles and matting drilled out of them.
DK Customs thunder torque inserts
Vivid black mid frame air deflectors
Sound Digital 800.4 amp
Ground Zero yellow basket coaxes
DD Audio LOC converter

Favorite aspect of this bike is the paint. I’ve always owned and been drawn to black. As a matter of fact my last three bikes were black. I swear the first time I saw this one I did a double and triple take and was like dayuuum. Even now to this day when I wash and wax it I notice something a lil bit different in the paint from the metal flake and how it pops to how the color shades rotate around depending on the angle you look at it.

Favorite ride is anyone the ol’ lady hops on the back or she mounts her own sled and we just cruise along to relax. We prefer the northern counties from us with less traffic and less lights. Plenty of mountains and farmland to go through.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts