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Just got this thing, 15 CVO Road Glide , anyway, was playing around with the navigation on the way home from work and noticed my arrival time was off by 12 hours, when its on the radio there's no am or pm , do I need to go in and manually set it ? Or put it on gps time ? Thanks. flhman

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It's there... but not in the owners manual... it's in the Boom! manual... yes, it has its own manual... see below excerpt from the Boom manual:

1. See Figure 31. Select Home > Setup > Clock.
2. 12/24 hour: Select 12-Hour or 24-Hour clock mode.
3. Press the multiselect button to choose GPS, RDS or User
GPS: Automatically synchronizes the clock with data from
incoming GPS signals. GPS time is only available on
radios with navigation.
RDS: Automatically synchronizes time with radio stations
broadcasting RDS data. RDS is only available on radios
manufactured for select regions that support RDS operation.
User Time: Time is manually entered.
4. Time zone: Select the time zone. For GPS time, AUTO
causes the clock to adjust to the time zone for the vehicle
location. The clock updates as the motorcycle passes into
other time zones.
5. Daylight savings time (DST): GPS time does not automatically
account for daylight savings time. For GPS or
user time, select DST On to advance the clock one hour
(during spring in the northern hemisphere). Select DST
Off to return to the original time.
6. Manually adjusting time (User Time selected): Manually
adjust the clock to the current time with the + and - controls.
Manually adjusting time (GPS Time selected): An offset
can be applied to the GPS time. The offset is shown next
to the time setting.
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