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Subject: waterproof wire connectors (18-22 gauge)
I am adding waterproof electrical connectors to lighting and colored LED light strips to my saddlebags and tourpak so I can remove them. When hunting for electrical connectors I discovered there are a gazillion different kinds and very challenging to figure out what I needed. The folks at carry a number of brands and were very helpful to walk me through all the part numbers for 2 pin, 4 pin, and 6 pin waterproof connectors. I am sharing the parts and pricing for anyone else trying to do the same.

Easy online ordering in any quantity on

2 pin
571-7948941 2-pin Male $0.54
571-7948961 2-pin Female $0.65
571-7947722 2-pin interface seal $0.41

4 pin
571-7948051 4-pin Male $0.54
571-7949391 4-pin Female $0.66
571-7947724 4-pin interface seal $.50

6 pin
571-7948951 6-pin Male
571-7949401 6-pin Female $1.27
571-7947726 6-pin interface seal $0.44

571-1586359-2 2-pin rubber gang wire seal $1.33
571-1586359-4 4-pin rubber gang wire seal $2.19
571-1586359-6 6-pin rubber gang wire seal $2.35

Pins and Sockets
571-7709871 Male pin (tin) $0.17 (qty 50 $0.144)
571-770988-1 Female pin socket (tin) $0.17 (qty 50 $0.144)

Gold pins
571-1-770987-0 Male pin (gold) $0.63
571-1-770988-0 Female pin socket (gold) $0.59

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Electrical connectors: white part #s

All my connectors arrived in the mail and was surprised to open the box and all the connectors are white. Argh! Don't order off these parts till I figure out if mouser screwed up or the guy on the phone gave me the wrong part numbers for black connectors.

Ended up switching to Molex automotive connectors which are larger but are black and waterproof.
I'll be experimenting with a universal crimper since I'm not spending $350 for a crimper for a few connectors.
If anyone has figured out which crimper under $50 is the best for Molex connectors then please add to this thread.

Black automative Molex wire connectors
18-22 gauge
Enter part number at and get picture, info, and data sheet for each part.

Female connector 4-pin (receptacle)
Mouser Part #: 538-19418-0018
Manufacturer Part #: 19418-0018

Male connector 4-pin (plug)
Mouser Part #: 538-19419-0005
Manufacturer Part #: 19419-0005

Female connector 2-pin (receptacle)
Mouser Part #: 538-19418-0016
Manufacturer Part #: 19418-0016

Male connector 2-pin (plug)
Mouser Part #:
Manufacturer Part #: 19419-0008

pin contacts / connectors
Mouser Part #: 538-19420-0010
Manufacturer Part #: 19420-0010

Mouser Part #: 538-19417-0048
Manufacturer Part #: 19417-0048

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I went through some of the same hassles when I was looking for connectors, I ended up going to the local auto store and radio shack to get connectors and also bought some dielectric grease to make sure the connectors are basically water proof and won't have any corrosion problems.

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Look at Summit, I got some really nice 2 pin ones and used them on my Halo rings.
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