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Shark of the Month is being resurrected . It is a chance for you to get your shark seen and noticed by everyone who visits the forum . This is not limited to customized Sharks , anyone can enter , stock or a $50,000 Super Shark , all are eligible ..

here are the new rules for submissions ;

Must have a Shark Nose fairing ..

Must be a Harley Davidson model whether born a Shark or converted from another model ..

There will be two classes :

Stock :

Stock Harley Davidson frames only

No cut or welded or otherwise modified frames allowed

No rakes beyond factory rake

Factory paints

Harley Davidson power only

Mods allowed :

pin striping

stretched bags

front fender change

21" front wheel max

wheel changes

exhaust changes allowed

bars , grips and cables

internal mods allowed with exception of blowers , superchargers and strokers

Modified :

Harley or S&S power only

any change beyond the stock rules is allowed

You must currently own the Road Glide or Tour Glide you are entering and you must be a member in good standing . You cannot enter a bike you found on the internet .
You cannot enter a bike you no longer own . You cannot enter bikes for other forum members .
You can enter one bike every three months . If you own more than one Road Glide you can enter them in consecutive months . But not the same bike more than once every three months . If you are a Shark of the Month winner , you will not be allowed to enter that bike for one calendar year . As an example , if you win in July , that bike will not be eligible again until the following August ..
Do not go to other sites to promote your bike or others for votes . Do not solicit votes on this forum by way of threads or private messages ..
You can nominate another members bike and the nomination must be seconded by a second member , and the member whose bike is nominated must accept the nomination ..

Submissions are to be sent to :

[email protected]

Send NO MORE THAN FOUR pictures no larger than 1280x1024 along with your username ..
The FIRST three Stock and the FIRST three modified entries will be the ones voted on for the month .. I will choose two pictures from those you submit to put in the voting thread ..
Once three bikes from each class are submitted then that class is closed for the month .. If you submit after the class is filled , then you ARE NOT entered for the following month . You must resubmit the following month ..
There will be two separate votes made each month , one vote in each class . So each month there will be a stock and a modified winner .. If you win , you will get a custom rank under your handle saying you were SOTM in that month .
Sometimes you will have to look for the thread because when someone votes , it does not move that thread to an unread thread . I will make it a sticky , but you still may have to look a bit under the SOTM sub forum .
No comments are to be made in the voting threads .
If you win , I will ask for some more detailed pics and a brief story behind you and the bike , and a thread will be put up by me with your information ..

Submissions : We are jumpstarting this month , so gonna bend a bit to start it off ..

For the jumpstart only :

The following will be for June SOTM .

The first three stock and first three modified entries submitted between now and Friday July 3 at 1200 CST will be voted on for June SOTM .. As soon as three are submitted from each class then I will open the voting for two weeks .. If I have three from each class tomorrow then the voting will start as soon as I can put the threads up ..

July and beyond : I will post a thread for submissions around the 15th and it will remain open until I have three from each class .. Upon getting three from each class , the voting will remain open until the end of the month ..

Remember guys and guysettes , this is for your enjoyment , no flaming or getting PO'd cause you lost or didn't get the submission deadline ..

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