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I wanted to give Joe Vindikta much deserved credit for being the best customer service you could ever hope for. I am slightly under 5'5" and had researched apes for my 2016 Road Glide for months. I decided to go with Vindikta Marauder bars. I wanted them in a 14" and at the time Joe only made the Marauder as high as 12". He told me he would custom build me the 14" bars and would probably start offering them in a 14" (which he has) now.
I installed the bars last Winter and really got to try them out this Spring. I contacted Joe to tell them that at 37" they were to wide for me. Being spread out with short arms didn't give me enough reach. I told Joe I was really looking for about a 34" width. He told me he would try to build me a special Marauder bar at no cost. After cutting pieces and mocking up a bar with a little more pullback, he came up with a bar that he thought would work for me. I installed them last night and went for a ride. They fit me to a T. My hands fit exactly where I imagined that I needed them to be. I now can sit back against my back rest with my hands fully on the grips and a little bend in my elbows. My hands end up being slightly lower than the shoulders. PERFECT! I should add that I installed both of the 14" Marauder bars without changing cables, brake line or clutch line.

So after making me two custom bars so that I had the perfect fit I can say that Joe Vindikta has unparalleled customer service!!


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