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Should have ridden the Road Glide! 30 degree drop in the high temp in one day!

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My wife is off doing a mounted archery weekend so I thought I would get in a leisurely backroads ride and maybe pick up some lunch or whatever. Just break up the day some was the plan. We woke up to a light rain and temps in the low 40s but the KLX300SM was the next bike in the rotation so I thought "How bad could it be?" Well, there is a huge difference between low 40s with low humidity and the sun shining and low 40s with high humidity and no sun! LOL!
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I wasn't really planning to stop and take photos, but stopping became necessary to warm up a little. I have been home an hour and the top of my legs are still cold. Definitely some dreary photos today.

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In the above photo, if you look to where the bike is pointing you can see the road in the distance. This would be fun if the road wasn't fairly fresh chip and seal with the emphasis on chips. I find these type of roads to be more sketchy than a gravel road.

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So, I ended up at the Corner Pit BBQ, and sorry @Bruce00, but another crazy rider was in there eating so we started a conversation and I forgot to take a photo of my lunch. o_O

You all will probably get a kick out of this. I was dreading the ride home so I ordered a rack of ribs wrapped in foil and ziplock bags, and put it in the front of my jacket to keep my core warm on the ride home. As I write this I am smelling the smoke from my shirt! :p Those hot ribs definitely helped and now I have the main course for dinner!

Forgot to post a photo of the dinner I made for @Bruce00 .

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Looks like a nice bike you have. Some nice country down there even if its a little cool out.
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