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They started doing this to some of the gravel roads around here. They recently did the road past my house last year. When they first did the road it was good but then a couple weeks later they spread more rock down that just sat on top, which was awful on the bike. I only have about a quarter mile till the main highway so I took the skid steer out and cleaned up the excess chips so I had a clear safe ride. Over the course of the year the rest of the rocks either got embedded or spit to the side of the road and I could travel the rest of that road safely on the Glide. I like the idea of these chip roads as it keeps the dust and mud down but am curious to see how they hold up in our climate after a few years.
That's interesting, never seen it done to a dirt road. Around central MI they immediately add another tar layer on top of the stone. Keeps the flying debris down but best to let the 4 wheels pack it down for a few weeks.
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