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Sissy Bar for 2015 Special.. No go.

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First post and new owner.
I've had my Denim black 2015 Road Glide special for about 2 months now.
Getting close to the 5k service. Love/Hate this bike. Much more love... but dam! there are a few annoying issues.
I just got back from my local dealer and was trying to buy a detachable sissy bar. Turns out that I'm the first person to claim it will not instal. They have sold dozens and never had a complaint.
This is the scoop. The top of the right shock on the Special has a higher and more rounded head than the left sided shock. The bracket from the sissy bar will not slide in.
This item will fit perfectly on the Road / Street glide 2015. But not on the special due to the different shocks.
How does this happen? How can a product be released, without testing it on all new models?
The sales manager brought in the service manager and reluctantly they had to admit that the bar will not install on the Special model.
I got my refund and they will get back to me once they spoke to HD.
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It will fit if you flip the right shock upside down. I have the same bike and have a factory harley backrest.
What major99 said. Just bought mine, had to flip right shock to install detachable back rest. (stripped all the accessories from my '10.
There was a service Bulletin specifically for this issue. Your dealer should maybe read the TSB's MoCo sends out?
As of today Duke City HD of ABQ, NM knows nothing of it!!
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