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I just installed a 57H, Black Ops Lifters, Cometic 0.30 Head Gaskets using the stock push rods. Also installed a 30 tooth front gear for pick up. Retuned the Thundermax to the 196 MAP.

I also have a Roland Sand open breather and a Dragos true dual set up.

Incredible power from 2500 RPM's and up, can go from 65mph to 80 in seconds in 6th gear now... the set up is incredible, its like a new bike!

However was always used to running 2000 rpms but find I have to keep it at 2500 otherwise if I'm at 2K and goose it I get a slapping noise from the top of the engine. It not the lifter noise I get that too with he open breather, this is more like the push rods are hitting the heads...??

Any thoughts?
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