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After my Yosemite "biggun" trip in late May/ early June I went back to work on 12 June. I worked 28 of 31 days since I went back, many 12+ hour days. Lost my best friend to cancer during this time, A/C in the house went out on a 106* day, did 2 PGR missions on short notice- one of July 4th after work...

Let's just say, I'm friggin' tired! Been too busy to think about anything much besides work and loss of life, but after having had a whole day off (yesterday) and a second consecutive one (today) for the first time in over a month, my attention has been averted to my next ride.

Going to Ironhorse MC camp in Stecoah, NC at the end of August, over Labor Day weekend, for 4 nights. Haven't been up that way on a liesurley trip since 2007. Looking forward to running some of the old moonshiner mountain roads that I found back in '07.

Any riders in the tri-state area up thataway that might want to hook up and burn some gas, let me know.
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