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Sneak Peek of a Friends Project 2015 FLTRXS

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A friend of mine bought a 2015 FLTRXS (stage IV) and is letting his 2 boys customize it for him. His last 3 baggers have been CVO's and this time he wanted to do something different. I have been able to help them a bit and it has been fun, for the most part, seeing the transformation. The bike is Vivid Blk and all the chrome parts have been PC'd black with the exception of a few small items that will be gold. All of the visible bolts are (or will be) PC'd gold and the idea is to stay away from the use of toppers. We'll see how that goes. :confused: The silver pinstripe will be redone to a gold one.

I guess by now you are getting the idea....:D Lol!

The stock wheels have been PC'd and look amazing but I will wait till later to show you how those came out. :p

So anyway I just wanted to give a preview and I will post pics of the final product later on.


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Very cool. Post pics when done!
Looks really sharp! I see you did the transmission case bolts. Did you take one at a time out or all at once? Did you worry about releasing the clamp pressure on the cases and causing problems later?

And are the rims PC'ed or paint? I like.....
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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