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So I was bored....

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i'm off for Christmas break, but the wife has to work..... so anyway, yesterday was a rainy day so couldn't take the scoot out anywhere. i decided to do a couple of things to relieve my boredom.

first, i had been planning to do this since i got my bike back in mar, just haven't gotten around to it. replaced the crappy shift linkage with a couple of heim joints. parts list:

2 heim joints, 5/16x24 rh thread (female)
1 acorn nut, 8mm
1 cap screw, 8mm x 25mm
1 cap screw, 5/16 x 24 x 3/4

total cost: less than $9.00

you can reuse your linkage bar, and the 2 jamnuts. i would have also used 5/16 x 24 cap screw and acorn nut for the front, but i live in bfe, you take what you can get. couldn't see driving 40 miles to go to lowes for a nut/bolt.... i think it's pretty self explanatory, the linkage on the tranny is threaded so the 5/16 capscrew goes there.

next, since no one seemed interested in my extra nightstick, i figured i would mess around with it. armed with chainsaw's excellent instructions i headed to my semi-local lowes and walmart with a shopping list. like i said i live in bfe, so wouldn't you know it, i couldn't get exactly the same stuff as him. i did get a degreaser, but different brand, and no red scotchbrite pads either. so got green. a little coarser, but we'll make it work. also couldn't get the same hi temp paint, but did manage to get a 2000* engine paint. wet, humid days aren't the best for painting, but like i said, i was bored. if it doesn't hold up, it doesn't take much to clean it up and try again.

all in all, think it turned out pretty good. we'll see how it holds up. sun should be out later today, up to about 60*, might be able to get a little putt in :D (don't hate me guys, when its 110* in the shade, i'll be paying for this)


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OK I'll bite on this one. Where are you at with a 110 temp. It just got above freezing for the first time since xmas.
slight exaggeration, i was referring to the hot louisiana summers when it'll be (almost) too hot to ride.
thanks for the inspiration. let me know when you get ready to sell those rear strut covers. if the price is right, i'll jump right on it.

now i just gotta get 'extra' motivated and do the heat shields....
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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