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It's mid-August and you're up here for SW4 and you're just not ready to head back home yet. If you like live kick-ass blues music we've got the answer for you. SW 4 ends on Friday the 15th., and the White Mountain Boogie and Blues Festival starts that day and runs through Sunday. It's only an hour and 15 from Gorham, NH to the festival site, or you can take the back roads and spend a good part of a day riding some great roads to get there.

"Springer Todd" and I have attended it the last couple years and it's a blast. We stop for breakfast, and then ride for 2-3 hours, and then hit the festival. Very low key, held outdoors in a a natural amphitheater, surrounding by views of the White Mountains. Featuring some local craftsmen, locally made food, and some kick-ass national blues acts. Starts at 5:00 on Friday and runs through about that same time on Sunday. Three days of fun in the sun for a weekend pass fee of $60. Camping on site is extra.

Check it out on here:

It was voted Best Blues Festival in the U.S. in 2012. Big name acts but relatively small crowds.

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