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Selling a BrightAssLights LED taillight. Model BAL-3S. Smoke laydown style with no tag light. This is the brightest taillight you will find out there. Has multiple flash patterns you can set with the use of an included magnet. Comes with a 5 year warranty. I have had it barely a month and did not register it yet. Each one has an individual serial number that you register online with BAL. I am also including a set of security screws and bit that you can purchase with the light.

Fits all HD models that take standard HD taillights

If they don't see you with this taillight, they are blind.

Read up on all of the specifics at - BAL-1 Tail Lights, Super Bright LED Lights

$175 shipped within the CONTUS

PayPal certified with a confirmed address

$170 cash pick up in the Smyrna DE area

Tap'd from my 6 Plus
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