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Sound Mods

I have a 2012 RGC in Denim black and I added lowers with the Boom speakers that I really can't hear so not sure if they made a difference or if it was really worth it..... I guess I would have to disconnect them to see.

They do sound good when the bike is parked though.

I added a set of J&M Rockers with the speakers pads to the fairing and that made a difference (more dynamic range) but nothing to say "Wow" about, I guess I should have added an amp but I didn't. I do get a little more sound on the highway.

I haven't played them when parked but I'm sure they sound great.


The stock bars were killing my lower neck, so I installed some Yaffee 14" OEM and wow, what a difference.The bike feels completely different almost lighter if that makes sense. Definitely easier to lift from the stand and a better feeling of control, have to get used to steering but I definitely recommend these! I'm 5'10". Also I pulled that back to the point that was most comfortable for me and they do line up with the forks.

ALSO MY HIGH SPEED WOBBLE (70 TO 85MPH) WENT AWAY. I already had it in once because it was happening at 50+ and they tightened it the nut. So I think what I was experiencing at 75+ was buffeting from the way I was sitting, having to lean forward to reach the bars....

Black Braided Cables.... looks great worth the money

Jagg Oil cooler with fan, home after a 1/2 hour ride, much of it slow and my oil temp when I shut the bike off was at 200'. I run Redline 20-60 so I think this was worth the money

Yaffee Dashboard

It came in in so - so condition, my painter had to do a little prep work first. Painting it denim black and then getting the correct level of flattening agent in the clear coat so that its the correct sheen without changing the base coat color is a real problem..... CAUTION: When you install it, the hole they give you for the front bolt has no washer built into the fiberglass to strengthen it so if you torque it down to tight it cracks the fiber glass! I have to have it re-shot anyway so I'm going to have him fix it but be careful. Also the bottom bolt attaches to the existing metal clamp from the original dash.... your better off welding the clamp to the dash with JB Weld as they show in the instructions and filling that hole. The seat doesn't cover it.

So all in all it looks good but it has a couple design flaws.

Got Picks Finally

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